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Matt Estlea

Dovetail Box Project Pack - Maple

Dovetail Box Project Pack - Maple

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This is a material pack for you to create your very own Dovetail Box, complete with dovetails, mitres, and a rebated lid that locks it into position.

It consists of:

2 x Long Sides
2 x Short Sides
2 x Lid Panel Components (To be joined)
4 x Plinth Lengths
1 x Plywood Base
1 x Felt Lining (In a choice of colours)

This is a beginner level project that tests your skills in layout, dovetailing and edge jointing.

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Project Packs

What are Project Packs?

Project packs are pre-machined components that are sized specifically for creating the projects founds in my Free Online Woodworking School. We provide these in a variety of materials to suit your preferences, as well as offer spare parts should you feel unconfident about a certain process.

If you purchase the complete project pack, you will be provided with all the timber and hardware required to make the project. However you can also purchase all of the spare parts independently should you want to mix and match materials. This will add up to cost slightly more than the preset project packs to account for the extra attention required to make up a bespoke order.

How are Project Packs Ordered?

In order to make these packs affordable and less wasteful, we aggregate orders over the course of a month and process them in bulk towards the end of the month. This allows us to purchase timber in quantities that give volume discounts, as well as allow us to process them efficiently. This both decreases the cost for you as well as reduces overall waste produced by machining.

We compile these orders on or around the last day of each month with the aim of shipping them (fully tracked) by the end of the month.

Please note that this may result in long wait times for your project pack if you were to order at the start of the month after the order window timer has reset. Estimated delivery times can be found below.

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Shipping for international orders is currently somewhat costly, but in the long run we plan to work with different shipping providers to get access to more affordable rates with faster delivery times. Alternatively we will look at working with timber suppliers in other countries to fulfil our orders for us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great kit helping beginners work on critical techniques. Highly recommend!

Bruno Sophia
My first dovetail box

I consider myself a beginner hobbyist woodworker. Having made a couple of simple boxes already I wanted to learn how to do a dovetail box and I think that this kit and the YouTube series were perfect for that!
I opted for the more affordable poplar pack (in case I screwed it up). It arrived well packaged and with all the pieces milled and sanded (only thing to do was to cut some pieces to length). The wood was in great shape and had no defects. Of course, being poplar, the grain is not very exciting, but I knew that when I ordered.
The execution following the instructions on the channel was pretty straight forward, however one might reflect if he/she has the proper tools for the job. I found that I would have struggled without a good dovetail saw and rabbet plane (for the plinth), for example.
I was able to do it on my mini bench in my kitchen at night after the children were sleeping. I opted to dye and stain the main body of the box and leaving the lid and plinth 'au naturel'. I also added hinges to mine which is a easy thing to do.
In summary, I loved the project and recommend it. My wife loved it too and already commissioned another one.

Anil Mahtani Mirchandani
Great first learning project

I'm nearly done making one of these boxes and it has been a wonderful experience, I've learned how to do many things properly by following the videos. Even though I made many mistakes along the way, it still looks great and I bought an oak version as well to try again.

The oak version also came with printed instructions in a folder, which is something I thought would've been useful with the first one.

If you do decide to try this project, I recommend watching a few videos ahead and trying to measure things according to the plans as otherwise you'll have to improvise.