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Matt Estlea Routing

Woodworker, Designer, Tutor

I come from 5 years training at Rycotewood Furniture Centre in Oxford, one of the last remaining furniture schools in the UK, where I also worked at Axminster Tools and Machinery on weekends during my time studying.

These intensive years gave me a thorough knowledge of woodworking from a practical and theory perspective as well as a product knowledge and customer perspective. I now teach at Rycotewood Furniture Centre and also on YouTube.

Since uploading my first video in April 2016, I have been filming every project I create, every technique I find and every amazing tool I get my hands on with the aim of taking your skills to the next level. 



My Woodworking Sucks

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I Don't Know What Tools To Buy

Worried about making the wrong investment? Not sure which tool to go for? Want to get the most for your money?

I am Lacking Inspiration

Not sure what to build next? Can't get your design on paper? Not sure if you're skilled enough to execute your design?

I Need Something To Cheer Me Up

Had a bad day at work? Kids driving you up the wall? Regret your poor decision making last night?

What Do I Recommend?

Everyone has their own specific strengths, weaknesses and goals so it’s impossible for me to cater to people specifically. However these items are what I recommend to all woodworkers, regardless of what level they are at.

Collins Woodworkers Manual

#1 Woodwork Book

This was my go-to reference book for all woodworking topics while I was learning.

Workbenches: From Design and Theory to Construction and Use

#1 Workbench Book

Want to make your own workbench or simply improve you current one? You need this book.

Osmo PolyX Hardwax Oil

#1 Wood Finish

The finish I put on 90% of my pieces. It's durable, easy to apply, and comes in a variety of colours and sheens.