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Matt Estlea Routing

I will help you take more PRIDE in your work.

Because everyone should be able to create something incredible with their hands.

That means no more gappy joints, no more frustration, and no more wasted time and money.

My step by step tutorials, reviews, and projects will save you from the monotony of completing yet another imperfect piece. Because I want you to stand back and think, wow. I did that.

Want to know why you can trust me? Take a look at what I've done to get to this point 


My Woodworking Sucks

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I Don't Know What Tools To Buy

Worried about making the wrong investment? Want to get the most for your money? Let me help you.

I am Lacking Inspiration

Feeling lost? Not sure if you're skilled enough to execute your design? Let's get you building something incredible.

I Need Something To Cheer Me Up

Had a bad day at work? Kids driving you up the wall? Regret your poor decision making last night?

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What Do I Recommend?

Below are the products I recommend to all woodworkers, regardless of what they do, or what level they are at.

Collins Woodworkers Manual

#1 Woodwork Book

This was my go-to reference book for all woodworking topics while I was learning.

Workbenches: From Design and Theory to Construction and Use

#1 Workbench Book

Want to make your own workbench or simply improve you current one? You need this book.

Osmo PolyX Hardwax Oil

#1 Wood Finish

The finish I put on 90% of my pieces. It's durable, easy to apply, and comes in a variety of colours and sheens.

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