Every Tool in One Location

It can be quite the challenging task sourcing everything I use. So I curated a list of every woodworking tool, book, machinery and piece of hardware I use to film for the YouTube channel.

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The Free Online Woodworking School

Want to learn woodworking without paying for the tuition? My Free Online School is perfect for people who want to get into woodworking or take their current skills to the next level.

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My Favourite Tool Suppliers

Purchasing tools can be a minefield and it's easy to feel lost when sourcing new equipment. This is a curated list of my favourite suppliers, what they offer, and why I use them.

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World Map of Hardwood Suppliers

Here you will find a curated list of hardwood suppliers around the glove. This map is constantly being updated so if you have any suggestions, please drop them in the comments!

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  • Upgrade Your Workbench

    This is a short eBook I created to help you upgrade your current workbench into a workholding machine. This perfect for those people who don't have the equipment and time to build an entire bench, but need to upgrade their current setup into something that works!

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  • Collins Complete Woodworkers Manual

    Often referred to as the 'woodworkers bible'. It's hard to put into words how helpful this book was when I learning woodworking.

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  • Workbenches: From Design and Theory to Construction and Use

    This is the book I used to build my Roubo Workbench Bertha. The woodworkers dream worksurface!

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