Power Tool Series

Theme: A comprehensive 5-part guide to the 5 main power tools a craftsperson is likely to use.

Style: Long Form Educational Content (10,000+ Views per Video)


  • To educate viewers on how to setup, use and maintain power tool equipment safely.
  • To educate viewers on


  • Your brand has a power tool within each of these ranges: drills, sanders, mitre saws, plunge saws, and jigsaws.

Additional Comment(s):

This series is only available as a package and is for product placement purposes only. We will mention the particular model we are using to demonstrate as well as provide links in the description. But the videos will not include any formal reviews  or deep dives into the tools specifications.

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  • 5 Videos on the Free Online Woodworking School

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  • 5 Dedicated Main Channel Shorts

    These Shorts will not only show off the products in action within each category of the series. But will also highlight the key specs for your tools too. The content will be developed to retain maximum viewer retention while delivering the key marketing points you require. Published on the main channel.

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