THE Matt Estlea Marking Knife

Expertly crafted in the UK. Engineered for excellence.

Our knives feature unparalleled accuracy and a durable, triple-coated handle for superior grip and longevity. Each knife comes with essential blades, a protective box, and a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.


The Idea

Since 2013, my journey with Marking Knives unfolded, shaped by my early woodworking days and experiences at Axminster Tools.

Influenced by David Barron's exemplary craftsmanship, I was drawn to create the ideal Marking Knife. Embracing beauty, functionality, and precision, my passion for woodworking guided me in crafting tools that blend art and utility.

- Matt


The Prototype

Inspired by an eBay find, a Snakewood Turning Blank, I aimed to create a Dovetail Marking Knife, guided by David's article, despite it being my first lathe experience.

After a challenging start with the wood splitting, I persevered, eventually crafting a handle with a removable blade mechanism for versatility and durability.

This initial foray into tool making, despite the handle's imperfect appearance, resulted in a knife I used and cherished for years, proud of its sharpness and ergonomic design.

- Matt

2018 - NOW

The Launch

After years of refining blade size, grub screw placement, and design, the knives are finally now available!

The journey has been intense, but the worldwide positive feedback has been incredibly humbling. Visit my online store to purchase, and sign up for restock notifications if needed.

- Matt

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