Daisy Tempest, the founder of Tempest Guitars in London in 2020, merges her profound passion for music with her skill in craftsmanship.

Her dedication to the art of lutherie, honed through years of meticulous training, led to the creation of Tempest Guitars. The brand is celebrated globally for its bespoke guitars, designed for famous musicians, art enthusiasts, and investors seeking excellence in both sound and visual artistry. Daisy's vision and expertise have positioned Tempest Guitars as a unique and exclusive entity in the industry.

This dedication to excellence and uniqueness is precisely why we are collaborating with Daisy to introduce a signature edition marking knife, crafted from padauk and brass.

This exclusive piece, bearing the Tempest Guitars logo, is a testament to our shared values of precision, beauty, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Through this partnership, we aim to blend the worlds of music and artisanal toolmaking, offering a product that resonates with the sophistication and creativity at the heart of both our brands.

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