Introducing: Project Packs

Sourcing high-quality timber has always been challenging, and without access to substantial machinery, manually dimensioning that wood is even more difficult.

This is where Project Packs come in.

Project packs give you the accessibility to produce fantastic pieces with the hand tools you can use in your home workshop.


The Initial Series

In 2018 the first Free Online Woodworking School (FOWS) project came into being in the shape of a Bookstand.

Hosted on the core Matt Estlea channel it kicked off the start of multiple FOWS projects including the Dovetail Box, Cabinet, Toolbox, and Shaker Table.

Each one encouraging new and old woodworkers to try their hands at something new.

2018 - 2023

The Problem

The fundamental issue with these projects wasn't the extensive free tuition or the detailed plans. It was the lack of easily accessible wood.

This is where the Project Pack concept came from. The idea that we could source the timber, sort it, pack it, and distribute it all from the workshop.

It turns out, that can be quite a complex task once you factor in how big some of these projects are!

2023 - NOW

The Launch

Through rigorous planning, calculations, testing, and more, we finally launched the project packs at the end of 2023 via a back-order system with the packs being sent around the globe just in time for Christmas.

We've since ended the back-order system in favour of retaining stock in the workshop to ensure quicker shipping times for all customers.

And don't worry, there will be plenty of new project packs coming out in the future!

- Matt

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