How to Cut a Corner Halving Joint

This is probably the first woodworking joint you are ever likely to cut. Although it looks simple, it's deceptively difficult to get looking clean, crisp and square. These are a few of my tips when it comes to cutting a corner halving joint to ensure a beautiful, gap free joint.

This lessons objectives:

  • How to mark out the joint
  • How to cut to the line
  • How to refine the joint
  • How to clamp the joint

For best results, you must ensure the timber you are using is flat, square and parallel as it will make the joint much easier to fit. You can learn how to dimension timber by hand here.

Not sure what tools to buy to produce a Corner Halving Joint?

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If you want to know more about different woodworking joints and their applications as well as their advantages and disadvantages, give this video a watch. Also, if you want to know what my Five Favourite Tools for Hand Cut Joinery are, have a look at this video!

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