Hinge Detail on Watch Box

Watch Box

This box was made as a present for my Dad at Christmas. I had it planned for at least 6 months prior and it was torture trying to keep it quiet for that long, but the reaction I got after he saw it was worth the wait. The box is primarily made from Walnut where the grain wraps continuously around the edges of the mitres, similar to the desk I made, Flow. The panel in the lid is Quilted Maple which gives a beautiful wave pattern as the lid closes and light catches it from different directions. The interior is made from Birds Eye Maple and is constructed in such a way that the lid cannot be slammed shut due to the air seal the raised lip creates. Finally, the hinges are made by Brusso which is a very high quality manufacterer of hardware in the US. These hinges in particular have a stop built into them to prevent the lid from swinging past 95 degrees and toppling the box backwards.

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