Scriptylia was one of those projects where the designing could have gone on forever. Inspired by natural forms, this piece produced the biggest and most eclectic sketchbook I am ever likely to produce.

Scriptylia was designed to be part of a set surrounding a round dining table. What is often not considered with dining chairs is that the back of the chair is often seen more than the front. For this reason, I made it a priority to make the back equally, if not more interesting than the front.

The chair is made from English Ash and was shaped entirely by hand using a combination of rasps, rifflers and sandpaper. From a distance, the chair is designed to look seamless and organic, almost as if it is growing from the ground. New lines and curves appear the longer you look at the chair such as the subtle curve exposed on the underside of the seat through the gap in the back. Or the fact the legs widen as they approach the floor when usually they would taper.

All of these small details were done purposely to create a piece that is honest in its construction, and enjoyable to feel and use.

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