Origin was inspired by astronomy as it is a keen interest of mine. In fact, I already had a confirmed place to study it for an A-Level before choosing furniture making instead. I guess this is the closest I'll ever be to becoming an astronaut.

Origin is made entirely from Oak which is a wood naturally high in tannins. Consequently, a solution made from wire wool dissolved in vinegar can be applied to the surface of the Oak, react with the tannins and turn it black. 

This however, was not what I did.

This table has actually been finished with a blowtorch and beeswax. The texture this leaves is indescribable unless you can feel the piece in person. The blowtorch turns all the soft grain in the Oak to dust and lightly scorches the harder grain. After scrubbing it with wire wool, this leaves behind a wonderful wavy texture that allows you to feel the grain, instead of just see it. After application of wax, it takes away the coarse texture left behind and creates a smooth, yet incredibly tactile surface.

The veneer on the top has been bookmatched in a way to radiate out from the centre detail which is dyed Oak Burr veneer. A burr is a cancerous growth on a tree that produces amazing and unpredictable grain patterns that look stunning when finished.

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