How To Make a Protrusion Stop

A protrusion stop is an invaluable jig when sharpening as it helps you to save time, effort, and allows you to get back to the fun parts of woodworking.

What is a protrusion stop?

A protrusion stop is used in conjuction with a honing guide to produce a consistent angle every time you sharpen. This has major benefits when it comes to keeping your sharpening sessions efficient. Because lets be fair, no one likes sharpening right?

This can be used with any honing guide by following the tips described in the video. All you will need is a method of measuring the angle in the first place. A digital protractor or D protracter is perfect for this. Below are some recommendations to get you started.

Recommended Items

Honing Guide

This is a cheap honing guide that works perfectly with the protrusion stop. You will need a make a separate stop for both plane blades and chisels due to the fact they are clamped in different parts of the jig.

Digital Protactor

This is a great way of measuring the angle of the chisel while making the protrusion stop. These protractors are also incredibly useful when setting up machines for angled cuts.

D-Head Protractor

A quick and cheap method of measuring the angle of the blade in the honing guide. Is also very useful when laying out angles on workpieces or drawings.

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