How to Attach the Base of the Box

In this video, I will show you how to attach the base of the box accurately. It's very easy at this point to inadvertently blast a screw through the inside or outside of the box and be left with a massive clean up operation. This is how you avoid that from happening.

This lessons objectives:

  • How to cut the base to size
  • How to align the base
  • How to mark out the screw locations
  • How to drill pilot and clearance holes

I like using WoodSpur screws for every screwing operation I face. The size used in this project were the 3 x 12 Torx heads.

The reason I like using WoodSpur screws is because they are incredibly versatile and robust. I use these for all sorts of applications and have only every managed to strip the heads off two or three of them. All of those times were down to my stupidity and not the strength of the screw. They're also pretty affordable.

You could of course use brass screws for this, however these have a tendency to strip off too much torque is applied to the screw head. In this particular project, the screw heads will be hidden by the plinth anyway. So don't worry if the screw heads look ugly!

Woodspur Screws

Supporting Material

Click the images below to see supporting material helping you with this part of the project.

How To Use a Marking Gauge

In this lesson, I show you how to use one of the most used tools in my woodworking arsenal. Despite this being a relatively simple tool, there is a skill to using them. Failing to do so correctly will haunt your project from start to finish.

Which Marking Gauge is Best?

If you want help selecting a marking gauge, watch my Tool Duel where I compare different types of marking gauge and their advantages and disadvantages.

How To Screw Wood Together

Screwing wood together. Simple.... right? Despite what people may think, there is a more predictable and accurate way of screwing wood without risk of board slipping or separating and screw heads shearing. It involves the use of a pilot hole, clearance hole, and a countersink. It's a quick video and is well worth your time.

Have you got the plans yet?

Package includes working drawings, a cutting list, and a 3d SketchUp model!

The Student Series

Want to see another beginner make this project before you? It's a great way to scope out any mistakes before you make one yourself!

Drilling clearance holes before countersinking – 2:14

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