Cutting and Fitting Tenons

This lessons objectives:

  • How to cut to the marking lines
  • How to chisel the tenon to thickness
  • How to chisel the shoulder lines
  • How to refine the fit of the tenon

Cutting the tenons is a fairly easy and forgiving process, mainly due to the fact that 90% of the joint is hidden within the mortise. However this concept is only true if your marking lines are accurate, so make sure they are accurate!

Supporting Material

Click the images below to see supporting material helping you with this part of the project.

Mortise and Tenon Joint

If you'd like to learn the full process of cutting a mortise and tenon joint by hand, watch this tutorial.

How To Saw Correctly

Cutting these tenons requires accurate sawing. If you need extra guidance in this area, watch this tutorial.

How To Chisel Correctly

Seriously? How to use a chisel correctly? Do I really need to watch this? The short answer is yes. Yes you do.

Have you got the plans yet?

Package includes working drawings, a cutting list, and a 3d SketchUp model!

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