Because sometimes you just need to have a laugh

So grab a drink, choose a snack, sit back and enjoy some of my more entertaining videos!

I Made a £38 Plane Perform like a £338 Plane

Amazon recently released a line of woodworking hand tools under their Amazon Basics range. So I not only decided to test it, but also attempted to make it perform the same as my Lie-Nielsen hand plane, which currently retails at £338. 

I Lived in my WORKSHOP during the UK LOCKDOWN

A series of unfortunate and unplanned circumstances left me homeless for two weeks, so I decided to make use of the only space available to me during a nationwide lockdown, my workshop.

How Woodworkers Eat Their Cereal

Ever wanted to find out how many Coco Pops you can eat in 5 seconds? This is an unanswered question that has been on my mind for at least 2 years now, and FINALLY I had the chance to try it out!

Making a Dovetailed Box from Potato

This was originally an April Fools video, now it's here for your viewing pleasure.


Rob pulls off his greatest prank yet.

Fatty Matty

Watch as Matt attempts to eat as many Belvita as he can in a minute. How many will he be able to eat while Rob's music puts him off?

Skip to 4:32 if you just want the action!

The Minigun

Rob decided to surprise Matt mid live stream….

We Play Unrailed and Murder Everything

We play the game Unrailed for the first time! We had no idea you could murder so many different things!

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