How To Prepare Wood by Hand

In this Free Online Woodworking Course, you will learn how to prepare wood entirely by hand. This is ideal for people who work on a limited budget, have limited space, or simply wan’t to improve their planing skills!

You will learn fundamental techniques such as:

  • How to plane a face perfectly flat
  • How to plane an edge to be straight and square
  • How to accurately thickness boards to precise measurements
  • How to square endgrain by hand

We also cover additional techniques such as:

  • How to edge joint boards for invisible glue lines
  • Removing tearout using special sharpening and tool setup techniques
  • How to sharpen a cabinet scraper

While these lessons tend to people who work with a limited space and/or budget. You will need to purchase some basic work holding equipment to ensure your material is stable while you work it. In addition to the lessons I provide on preparing the material, I also provide recommendations and guidance for workbench hardware and equipment.

If you’re sick of working with bent, twisted and rough timber, this course is for you!

How to Sharpen a Cabinet Scraper

How to Sharpen a Cabinet Scraper

The cabinet scraper is one of the most simple and useful tools in woodworking. In this video, I show you how to sharpen a cabinet scraper to produce beautiful wispy shavings and take you all the way from the preparation stage, through to drawing the burr and maintaining the edge.