Guide for Buying Woodworking Tools

This courses guides beginners through the process of choosing and buying woodworking tools to last them a lifetime. We cover a variety of topics such as chisels, planes and saws while also tending to peoples individual budgets.

In addition, I help you decide which tools you are likely to use in your everyday woodworking, and help you steer clear of the ones you will not need at the start. Individual lessons cover subjects such as:

  • What planes do you need?
  • What chisels do you need?
  • What saws do you need?
  • My favourite hand tools
  • Which brands are best?

The course also includes downloads and printouts that you can keep for easy access should you ever need to quickly refresh your memory when buying a new tool.

By the end of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of all the basic woodworking hand tools and which ones you will need to get started woodworking!

My Favourite Hand Tools for Fine Woodworking

My Favourite Hand Tools for Fine Woodworking

Knew Concepts Fret Saw This saw is incredibly lightweight, easy to use and precise when it comes to removing waste when dovetailing. The blade is extremely thin and unlike coping saws, can fit into a saw cut very easily without binding. People are often put off by this saw due to the belief that the […]

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