Where To Buy Wood for Woodworking

This map details timber suppliers around the world that provide material for craft based industries. If you believe something is missing from this list, please provide me with a name, postcode and website in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

This map displays timber suppliers who provide material for professions and crafts such as cabinet making, luthiery, carving and woodturning etc. These professions tend to require higher quality hardwoods and softwoods, both native and exotic, compared to other construction based industries.

It does not display suppliers of construction grade timber and sheet goods as these tend to be easier to find through a search engine such as Google. 

What have I missed?
Do you have any other suggestions of places that should be on this list?

Please put suggestions in the comment box below and provide the following details:

Company / Individual Name

Postcode and Address

Website Details

Please ensure your suggestions match the criteria of a timber supplier for a craft based profession as opposed to construction!


  • Anyone know of a wood yard in SW France in the Charente that supplies high quality wood?

  • At the moment, the map doesn’t seem to have any suppliers marked on it, just the usual roads, towns, cities and so on. I’d originally thought it was an iOS thing, but t’s the same on a desktop PC.

  • Timspec
    64 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1041, New Zealand

    Great central Auckland for city dwellers to get any hardwoods and furniture grade softwoods

  • W. Hanson predominantly sell construction timber. However, they have a small selection of hardwoods available also. This is a great place for those in West London, who do not want to travel too far.

    W.Hanson (Iron Bridge) Ltd
    Uxbridge Road
    UB1 3EQ
    Tel: 020 8571 3161

    Mon-Fri 7.00am – 5.15pm
    Sat 8.00am – 2.00pm


  • I know they are a big chain company, but might be worth adding Arnold Laver
    They have 16 depts across the UK, and while it looks like they are set up to supply the trade, they will sell to indivduals (although I am not sure on their cost).

    They also said they can get just about any hardwood you want.

  • Wood4yew
    Cumberworth Road
    LN13 9LA
    (Also known as Mumby Timbers on Facebook)
    No idea how good they are.

  • Wood4yew
    Cumberworth Rd, Mumby, Alford LN13 9LA
    (Also known as Mumby Timbers on Facebook)

    Never used them, but its one of the few local to the Peterborough area ive been able to find.

    Theres also Arnold Laver Timber World
    They have 16 stores across the UK
    I think they are aimed more at the trade side of things, but I went in an enquired, and they will sell to individuals (not a clue on their costs, its all quoted based on quantity), and they claim they can get just about ANY wood (On hand, they had English and America Oak, Red Wood, Sepele – but they said they can get anything I wanted

  • Vastern Timber in Wiltshire
    Witney on Wye sawmills
    Gibbs and Dandy (Mainly construction, however, the hereford branch do Hardwoods and deliver, also have self selection)
    Pontrilas merchants- have self selection with some interesting exotic species such as Wenge.
    Capital Crispin-veneer

    Hope that helps,



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