Where To Buy Wood for Woodworking

This map details timber suppliers around the world that provide material for craft based industries. If you believe something is missing from this list, please provide me with a name, postcode and website in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

This map displays timber suppliers who provide material for professions and crafts such as cabinet making, luthiery, carving and woodturning etc. These professions tend to require higher quality hardwoods and softwoods, both native and exotic, compared to other construction based industries.

It does not display suppliers of construction grade timber and sheet goods as these tend to be easier to find through a search engine such as Google. 

What have I missed?
Do you have any other suggestions of places that should be on this list?

Please put suggestions in the comment box below and provide the following details:

Company / Individual Name

Postcode and Address

Website Details

Please ensure your suggestions match the criteria of a timber supplier for a craft based profession as opposed to construction!


  • Hardwood supplier outside Hexham in Northumberland
    Hexhamshire Hardwoods
    Whitley Chapel
    No job too small. They supplied me with planed ash for Matt’s dovetail box project at a reasonable price

  • Again in the USA there are 2 that I like:
    The woodworker store
    Enon, Ohio
    Frank Miller Lumber Co.
    Union City, Ohio
    Frank Miller Lumber Co is one of if not the largest supplier of quarter sawn boards.
    Please look these places up. We need to keep places like this in business.
    Thank you

  • can you please include suppliers in Italy on your map – I don’t know of any – which is why I’m asking

  • Two wood shops in Ontario Canada

    Exotic Woods
    5229 Harvester Road
    Burlington, ON L7L 5L4
    P: 905.335.8066
    E: info@exotic-woods.com

    357 Eagle Street North, P.O. Box 32040
    Cambridge, Ontario
    Canada N3H 5M2
    t: 1 800 265 0624 | 1 519 653 9322
    f: 1 519 653 3411

  • Whitmore timbers
    Main Road
    Claybrooke Magna
    LE17 5AQ
    Have shopped here a few time. Great place, sells sawn and planed timber, bowl blanks, they even sell £100 bundles of mixed off cuts that are great for small projects like boxes and boards.

  • Morgan Timber
    Knight Road
    ME2 2BA

    Timber merchants supplying high quality hardwood and softwood to trade and retail customers

  • In the US…

    Domestic Lumber & Slabs:
    Keim Lumber
    4465 OH Rte-557
    Millersburg, OH 44654

    Exotic/Imported Lumber & Slabs:

    World Timber Corp.
    578 Hubert Blvd.
    Hubert, NC 28539

  • Great work Matt. Appreciate all of your videos and advice. Super helpful! Here’s a great spot from Calgary, Canada. Both of you guys have a cool YouTube channel as well.

    Company: Black Forest Wood Co.

    Postcode and Address: 603 77 Ave SE Bay 7, Calgary, AB T2H 2B9

    Website Details: https://blackforestwood.com/

    • Hi John,
      Arbor timber, Mill rd, Littleburn industrial estate, Durham. 01913782016, not the cheapest but maybe worth a call,

    • P.S.
      There is also a saw mill a couple of minutes around the corner from them,

  • Good guys near Broxburn, small container shop with nicely figured wood planed smooth and they were quite happy to leave me in a different container to pick a few boards for a project. Terrible website but more active on facebook.

    Winchburgh, Broxburn EH52 6QW

  • Since we’re going more international:

    Furnier Lehmann in Berlin, Germany
    Kitzingstraße 21-23
    12277 Berlin-Marienfelde

    Name notwithstanding, they have a large selection of roughsawn lumber in addition to a wide range of veneer (small patches all the way up to several square meters in size). Very friendly staff is happy to get whatever you need with a forklift so you can sort through the parts and pick the pieces you want.

  • M Large
    74 Church Road,
    BT36 6DH

    Live edged boards, hardwood, turning blocks etc.

  • A place I found in Minnesota.

    Forest Product Supply Inc.
    2650 Hwy 61 N.
    Maplewood, MN 55109-1021


    They Have a nice selection of Domestic, Exotic lumber, sheet goods and slabs.
    Its attached to a cabinet shop and they are happy to cut things down for you if you need.

  • Any in East Anglia at all? I live in Lowestoft about as far away as you can get from any Matt listed!

    • Try the international boat building college – they have a timber yard and fantastic people who would help.
      Timber yard next to them and worth a look as the stuff they do is just amazing- just like yours Matt ?

    • Same here! Thorogoods are just down the road from me, they know they are slightly expensive but they consistently have highest quality hardwoods in stock, even walnut tree slices several ft in diameter

      I’m looking for someone to help me learn in east Anglia as it goes 😛

  • Duffield Timber, Green Lane, Melmerby, Ripon HG4 5JB. Rough sawn full boards and lots of off cuts, some of which is sold by weight some by price marked. Hardwood is expensive, but if you can find bits to do what you intend it keeps the cost down. Well worth a visit as the staff will leave you alone to look & ponder. The real difficult is NOT buying something.

    Clive Waker Timber, 3 Beza Rd, Leeds LS10 2BR. This to has an off cut section, but not as big as Duffield. If you know what you want email or phone for a price. Close to the M1 in south Leeds. Knowing what you want is a big part of buying timber / wood as Matt has said. This merchant also does reasonable quality birch plywood, which they will cut, though the cut can be on the rough side. Expect to make your own cut back from the cut edge.

    Lastly a builders Merchants, Milfords, Cardigan Road, Leeds. I use this for building products ( I’m a plumber) but that includes timber and sheet materials. The reason I have mentioned them is usually the counter & yard lads are helpful. They get a fair number of DIY ‘no-clue’ customers, who they try and help – if possible – but it can be an education to just watch. Timber is pine, quality okay. Plywood quality has gone down when I compare with what I got 20 years ago, but I think that’s just how cheaper ply has gone.

    • I have been to the Portland store. It is wonderful. They supply wholesale, as well, as Emerson Hardwood. Their slogan is, “The Woodworker’s Candy Store.” True. Woodcrafters, Woodcraft, and Rockler are not quite as good.

  • A few more in Northern Ireland:

    Murdock Hardwood – construction timber, but also supply a great range of hardwoods.

    Murdock Hardwood Industries Ltd.
    51 Rathfriland Rd. Newry, Co Down
    N. Ireland BT34 1ld
    tel: 028 302 61011 fax: 028 302 66929
    email: info@murdockhardwood.com


    Sister company:

    James McGregor & Sons
    49 Sydenham Rd.
    Belfast BT3 9DR tel: 028 90 451244
    fax: 028 90 456433

    The Wood Shed
    11 Lowtown Road, Templepatrick Co. Antrim BT39 0HD
    +44 (0)28 9443 3833
    Lots of wood, supplies, equipment and courses.

  • Anyone knows a suplier located in Belgium?
    You would greatly help me out.

  • Hi everyone, does anyone know of a good hardwood supplier in the South Wales area??

  • https://www.chilterntimber.co.uk/
    Chiltern Timber Supplies Ltd, Unit DC4, Prologis Park, Maylands Gateway, Blossom Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 4ZB, United Kingdom.

    As of June 19, 2020 not yet open for collection. When they are, you can browse the racks and they have cages of off-cuts. A few turning blanks. Some big slabs of tropical hardwood for counters and tables.

    Carries a growing stock of hardwoods, in addition to birch ply, laminates, and softwoods (inc western red cedar).
    Hardwood: Ash, Beech, Black Walnut, Cherry, Maple, lot of White Oak, Poplar and Meranti.
    At this time they are not stocking for figure specifically, but thinner curly boards do appear and are not priced at a premium.

  • The hardwood offcut shop.
    Doddinghurst Rd, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood CM15 0SD
    Top place. Not so much offcuts as seconds so you can get some top notch wood there. Tons and tons of blanks for turners etc too.

  • Anyone know of a wood yard in SW France in the Charente that supplies high quality wood?

  • At the moment, the map doesn’t seem to have any suppliers marked on it, just the usual roads, towns, cities and so on. I’d originally thought it was an iOS thing, but t’s the same on a desktop PC.

    • Would you know any out Galway side? I’m new to the hunt haha.

  • Timspec
    64 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1041, New Zealand

    Great central Auckland for city dwellers to get any hardwoods and furniture grade softwoods

  • W. Hanson predominantly sell construction timber. However, they have a small selection of hardwoods available also. This is a great place for those in West London, who do not want to travel too far.

    W.Hanson (Iron Bridge) Ltd
    Uxbridge Road
    UB1 3EQ
    Tel: 020 8571 3161

    Mon-Fri 7.00am – 5.15pm
    Sat 8.00am – 2.00pm


  • I know they are a big chain company, but might be worth adding Arnold Laver
    They have 16 depts across the UK, and while it looks like they are set up to supply the trade, they will sell to indivduals (although I am not sure on their cost).

    They also said they can get just about any hardwood you want.

  • Wood4yew
    Cumberworth Road
    LN13 9LA
    (Also known as Mumby Timbers on Facebook)
    No idea how good they are.

  • Wood4yew
    Cumberworth Rd, Mumby, Alford LN13 9LA
    (Also known as Mumby Timbers on Facebook)

    Never used them, but its one of the few local to the Peterborough area ive been able to find.

    Theres also Arnold Laver Timber World
    They have 16 stores across the UK
    I think they are aimed more at the trade side of things, but I went in an enquired, and they will sell to individuals (not a clue on their costs, its all quoted based on quantity), and they claim they can get just about ANY wood (On hand, they had English and America Oak, Red Wood, Sepele – but they said they can get anything I wanted

  • Vastern Timber in Wiltshire
    Witney on Wye sawmills
    Gibbs and Dandy (Mainly construction, however, the hereford branch do Hardwoods and deliver, also have self selection)
    Pontrilas merchants- have self selection with some interesting exotic species such as Wenge.
    Capital Crispin-veneer

    Hope that helps,



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