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Now that the Garden Workshop series has ended, I've decided to take a short break from planning, filming and editing videos in favour of preserving my motivation and drive. I found myself in a bit of a creative rut before the UK was placed on lockdown for COVID-19 and I don't fancy finding myself in that situation again. It sucked!

During the lockdown, my girlfriend Rosie was placed on furloughed leave from her job in central London. This was to be expected, however there was a momentary moment of limbo where we were trying to figure out ‘well, what now?'.

But impressively, instead of spending her days binge watching Netflix, she decided to make the most of the opportunity to start her own business making handmade jewellery using polymer clay. This is something she has always wanted to do, but never had the time to do so. And it's completely blown up!

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The brand she has created is called Lazy Disco and is currently focused on making earrings. But is hoping to expand to necklaces, bracelets and possibly even prints in the future.

So I made the most of the opportunity away from the workshop to help Rosie create her latest batch of earrings. My skills only went as far as sanding the earrings, creating a Pinterest page, and showing her how to upload orders to Royal Mail Click and Drop using .csv files. (Important stuff, right?) But it was pretty cool to see the process from start to finish. Especially considering this whole process didn't exist 2 months ago. I thought it'd be pretty cool to share some snippets here. 

Freshly Sanded

Most of my time was spent sanding these watermelons and daisies to 600 grit. We found that wet and dry paper worked well for this.

Business Cards

Rosie hasn't spent a penny on advertising and instead relies on people sharing their purchases and tagging her on Instagram. Business cards definitely supplement this.


I have a container similar to this in my workshop full of M6 and M8 hardware and I once dropped it on the floor. Suffice to say this would be so much worse.

Would you like to see the full process of making these earrings from start to finish? I may consider doing a full blog post or even a video in the future as it may be interesting to some of you. It's obviously at the opposite end of the spectrum to woodworking, but it's fun to experiment with something else every now and then.


  • Way to go, Rosie! Love that she took the unexpected situation and turned it into a great opportunity!

    Those earrings are super cute. Looking forward to seeing more of them.

  • Congrats to your GF on her new adventures. And that’s great your willing to share your experiences with her on getting her busines up and running.


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