River Table for Sale

Price: £7500

(Full price includes £500 Deposit)

What is this River Table?

This table is a satirical version of the infamous epoxy ‘river table' that in recent years has swept the furniture making industry by storm. These tables generally consist of two slabs of wood placed side by side, with a gap of around 4 inches in between that is filled with epoxy, often coloured with vibrant dyes and pigments to create a flowing ‘river' effect between the two slabs of wood.

The advantage to this table design is that it primarily lets the wood and colours do the talking. For this reason, it has many proponents as it allows visually stunning pieces to be created with relatively minimal design input required. But equally has many critics who say that these tables lack substance and soul in the designs for the same reasons.

Personally, I tend to fall in the latter category with regards to 90% of river tables. The remaining 10% however is reserved for people like Cam at Blacktail Studio who I believe makes stunning tables.

How is this River Table Different?

Instead of being a metaphorical ‘river' made from epoxy, this table has an actual river running through it. 

This is fed from a pump situated in a trough under the table which feeds water up a pipe, along the riverbed, down a waterfall, and back into the trough to be sent back around in a loop.

Why did I make it?

River tables at the time, and to some extent still are, a very trendy design that reach far beyond the woodworking community. Often attracting casual audiences who never previously had an interest in woodworking or furniture making. This creates a perfect project for a woodworking YouTube channel as its a surefire way to garner a substantial amount of views. However it also could potentially alienate critics of river tables who may view it as being a ‘sell out' project.

For this reason, making a ‘River Table' with an actual river running through it allowed me to both satisfy river table enthusiasts and casual viewers who happen upon my video. While also using it as an opportunity to satisfy critics by implying that epoxy river tables are not ‘true' river tables… which as of making this table I believe to be a true statement.


This table is primarily made from Pippy Oak which is mitred on the corners to create a seamless join. These corners are reinforced with steel brackets on the inside to prevent the joins from separating due to warping of the slabs.

The river bed was filled with gravel and imitation moss, then submerged in 2 inches of blue epoxy.


Length = 210cm

Width = 110cm

Height = 73cm

Weight = 180kg (Estimated)

Things to be aware of

The Waterfall

When turning the table on for the first time, it takes a few seconds for the water tension to kick in. Consequently, a small amount of water is launched off the end of the table before it eventually sticks to the waterfall. So make sure you have a towel or tray ready to catch it!

The water has on occasion diverted off course while trailing down the waterfall and traversed onto the wooden slabs, completely missing the trough all together. I've since minimised this from occurring by shaping a dip into the centre of the riverbed, but in rare cases it may still happen.


This table does not come with any chairs or benches, nor am I accepting commissions to make any. It is also relatively low in height as far as dining tables go. So please be sure to measure your chairs and existing table to get an idea of ergonomics before committing to purchase.

The Trough

If this table sells, I will be giving the trough a full service as well as implement a couple of design changes to reduce the risk of future leaks, and make it easier to drain. I'll also give you the opportunity to have a choice between an open top as is shown in the video, or a closed top that stops you accidentally dipping your toes in the river. Of course this will still have the ability to be removed for cleaning and maintenance.


The table will get a full refinish prior to delivery which includes sanding, filling of voids, polishing of epoxy, and 2-3 coats of a durable hardwax oil that protects the wood against stains while allowing the natural colour and texture of the wood to breathe.


The pump is powered with a USB plug. This means it can be powered via a wall socket or a portable battery if you want to go cordless. I will fit the table with a brand new pump when it is sold, however will provide the old one as a spare just incase something goes wrong.


This table is for sale for £7500 and will require a £500 deposit to be paid prior to delivery. This means that £7000 will be payable upon the day of delivery.

If however the commitment to buy the table falls through after paying the deposit, I reserve the right to keep the deposit as payment for sunk costs and relisting fees.

Viewing (In person or Video Call)

I will be accepting viewings of the table in strict time allocated slots, however this will require the £500 deposit to be made first. You will be provided the address of the workshop, but all areas will be cordoned off as means of security and to avoid people exploiting the refundable deposit as means to look around.

If you are suspected to be using the refundable deposit as a way to visit the workshop or contact me without any intention of purchasing the table, I reserve the right to keep the deposit.


Collection is available weekdays between 7am and 9pm and Saturdays between 8am and 5pm. We can discuss this in more detail upon purchasing the table.

Delivery to UK Mainland Addresses

I will personally deliver the table to any UK mainland address for £100 + 40p per mile from postcode RG1.


A courier may provide cheaper rates for mainland UK customers compared to my quoted rates, and can be used for offshore UK and international buyers. I will ensure that the table is adequately insured on top of whatever liability insurance the carrier may have.

I will build a crate around the table and palletise it so it can be lifted with a forklift or pallet truck. Please use the below specifications for sourcing your own quotations.

Crate Size:
Length: 250cm
Width: 100cm
Height: 130cm
Weight: 200kg

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