What is a ROBME?

A ROBME is a currency that can be used to redeem certain things from my store and other unique items/services that are not available anywhere else. The currency is unique to my channel and cannot be used elsewhere.  In fact, we keep a bank of all your earned ROBMES here in the workshop.

How Do I Earn a ROBME?

Primarily, you can win ROBMES by spotting the faces that Rob has hidden in my videos. These are very difficult to find and are often in obscure places around the workshop and are on the screen very momentarily. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

In the pinned comment of each video, Rob will brief you on how many faces there are to find. Usually it's two or three. In order to win, you need to be the first person to spot all of the faces in that video!

In addition, we plan on holding competitions, giveaways and gameshows in other areas such as Instagram, Live Streams, and The Mailing List where you can win bonus points and really start racking up the points! 

Patrons will also have their own unique competitions (Details below)

Where are my ROBMES Stored?

We are currently creating a bank system on the mezzanine floor that consists of a series of jars with your names on. As you start winning points, a ROBME will be added to the jar. To begin with, all the ROBME tokens will look the same. But as people begin to win more and more points, we will begin introducing different colours that indicate different values. Much like Poker Chips for example.

What can I Buy with my ROBMES?

Below is a current price list for the ROBME currency. These prices may fluctuate over time with…. inflation?….. but most will stay the same. We will also be adding more prizes as time progresses, and replacing the prizes that are less popular.

Patron Only Competitions

We will be running Patron only competitions (If you donate at least £5 Per Month) that will give you better chances of winning, and a chance to double your income if you win both the standard and the Patreon competitions. Any updates to this will be posted to Patreon directly.

How Do I Redeem my Points?

Simply drop me a message via my contact form letting me know what you'd like to redeem. We will get it fulfilled as soon as possible for you. If you can't remember how many points you have, again just drop me a message via my contact form.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, subscribe to all my social channels and start gathering those points!

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