So… here it is. The first blog post. Are you as nervous as me?

Now I won't lie, writing is not my strong point and it takes me a while to get my words out. Let alone make them compelling enough to captivate someone enough to carry on reading.

That last paragraph took long enough as it is…

If I'm so crap at writing, why am I starting a blog? The short answer to this is to give you an alternative method to enjoy my content… the other short answer is so that I can practice my writing skills. I want to grow this website into a woodworkers resource that is packed full of all kinds of content to take your skills to the next level. It will be packed with videos, tutorials, written content, downloads, and guides to name a few. Everything an individual would need to get started on the right foot. Up until now, YouTube has been my sole focus which has been great. It's built my confidence, given me incredible opportunities, and helped thousands of people develop their skills. But I want to start diversifying my content and give people a chance to find my content through the likes of the Google Search Engine as opposed to solely YouTube.

What does this mean for the videos I hear you ask? Meh, not much! I still plan on producing regular content as always, the written content is going to be on top of what I already produce! Finally, I can do something productive on my long train rides as opposed to mindlessly scrolling Facebook, or watching the guy opposite me pick his nose for the 17th time.

This written content will be divided into 3 primary categories. The first being this blog. This is where I will post about interesting things that are going on that don't always make the final cut in videos. Much like the subjects in my Monthly Updates. The second type will be supporting content for videos that I have posted. This  may include things such as downloads or images related to the video. Very similar to what you can see on my Free Online Woodworking School. The third and final category is a dedicated woodworking post and is the newest form of content I will be producing. This type of post will be reserved for when I want to talk about something woodworking related, but cannot translate this into a compelling video. For example, lets say I wanted to review a normal drill driver. We all know how important they are and probably use them daily. But I must admit that I would struggle to enthusiastically talk about one on camera. Unless it had some cool features like the Bosch FlexiClick of course. This type of content is ideally written, not filmed. In some cases, I may film a short video to add to the post, but this will not be shared to YouTube because it will be irrelevant on its own and will only waste my audiences time.

Hopefully you are all as excited as I am. Keep en eye on this blog and the website in general to ensure you don't miss anything. Also, let me know how you found the flow of this post. As I said, I want to improve my writing and need your feedback to do so!


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