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This is a guide to merchandise materials, sizing, design, quality, ordering and returns. Everything you need to know prior to your purchase!


Having used questionable suppliers in the past where the quality and durability of materials was lacklustre, I have put a lot of research into finding high quality merchandise at affordable prices. Now, after years of searching, I couldn't be happier with what I have.

The manufacturer I now use for my T-Shirts, Bella and Canvas, have thousands of 5-Star reviews and a great ethos behind their brand. They use eco-friendly manufacturing techniques and have a zero tolerance for inhumane working conditions.

My Sweatshirts and Hoodies are made by Gildan who also have a proven track record in being an eco-friendly, humane brand that create some real high quality merchandise.

My waterproof coats are made by Champion. A high-quality sportswear company with a sustainable approach to manufacturing.

Materials and Sizing

The materials used in my T-shirts is 100% combed and Ring Spun cotton, with the exception of the Heather colours which contain Polyester. The fabric weight is 142g/m2 which results in a breathable, soft, lightweight T-shirt that is perfect for all weather conditions, or for manual labour filled days in the workshop. If you're looking for something warmer, consider grabbing a sweatshirt or hoodie. The material is also pre-shrunk, and has a side-seamed construction and shoulder to shoulder taping.

As for sizing, please refer to the size charts listed below each product for bespoke information. As described below, I do not take refunds for incorrect sizes so please measure carefully!


My designs are conceptulised and drawn by Tom Ayliffe, an illustrator and graphic designer based in the south of England. 

It's a funny story how we were put in contact, but Tom was already a viewer of my channel prior to me commisioning anythign from him. Which meant I had full faith in him understanding my brand and what I was looking for. And oh my, was it a great decision.


Due to lack of storage and dispatching space, I do not handle fulfillment of merchandise orders myself. Trust me, I tried it once and it was a nightmare. Instead, your order is forwarded from my website to a fulfillment company called Printful. Upon recieveing your order, the merchandise is printed, packed, and sent directly to your door.

Printful's fullfillment centres are based all around the world to optimise shipping times and available products. This can be confusing to some customers who after tracking their order, notice it is coming from Spain or Latvia for example, as opposed to the UK.

Most of the time, there are no extra duties to pay, but this is not something I can guarantee.

Returns and Exchanges

If you have any problems with your order, please let me know! Seeing as I do not handle inventory or fulfillment of my merchandise, my returns policy mimics that of Printful which you can find in detail here.

For this reason, I do not accept exchanges for things such as buyers remorse, or incorrect sizing for example, as there are no ways to reverse the print-to-order fulfillment method I use for my merchandise. 

Of course, orders that go missing in transit, or are damaged upon delivery will be covered in the returns policy offered by myself and Printful.


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